Welcome.  Princes Street Primary School has been an integral part of the Sandy Bay community since the doors first opened in 1922.  The School provides students with an excellent start to their formal learning journey in an optimistic and wonderfully supportive environment. We are a school community that is committed to achieving a positive future for all of our children and our approach is encapsulated in our strategic direction; a direction we have built together and which we continue to pursue as a strong collaboration between children, families, educators and community.
Our vision, Challenging Thinking; Designing Futures, requires that we continuously examine what we need to be learning in these times where the rate of change is exponential.  At Princes Street, all learners are encouraged to stretch themselves while continuously developing the strong foundational skills in reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking.
In unison with the School’s vision is our mission, Nurturing and Enriching Lives, which recognises, values and embraces the contribution each and every member of our community makes to the critical task of providing the very best whole of life foundations for our students. 
At the heart of our work together, our values form the foundation for all of our decision making processes.  We value; Innovation, Creativity, Collective Responsibility, High Expectations and Respectful Relationships.  We believe that by living these values together, we will support our children to lead rich and interesting lives, to make strong and positive contributions as global citizens and to embed the attributes which will enable them to continue to innovate, adapt and grow throughout their life course.  
The Princes Street Primary School’s Vision, Mission and lived Values combine to describe our future ambition as well as our daily focus.
We welcome you to this happy and vibrant place and look forward to hearing your story.
Learning is at once deeply personal and inherently social; it connects us not just to knowledge of the abstract, but to each other. Throughout our lives, as we move from setting to setting we encounter novelty and new challenges, small and large.  If we are ready for them, living and learning become inseparable. (Edward T. Hall)
Ricky Oates, Principal